When is necessary?
La Ortodoncia es un tratamiento que se aplica en piezas dentales Imperfectas o desalineadas, que no permiten una sonrisa estética ni una mordida eficaz.

What is it?
Orthodontics is the specialty that is responsible for the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of shape, position, relationship and function of dental structures; being its practice the art of preventing, diagnosing and correcting its possible alterations and keeping them in an optimal state of health and harmony, through the use and control of different types of forces.
How is it done?

Removable appliances: They can be placed in one of the jaws or both, and what they want in most cases is an orthopedic effect that helps the bones to develop properly.


Brackets: They are usually placed in these ages associated with other devices, with the aim of improving large crowding or making room for tooth replacement to be easier. We can also place braces at an early age when the malposition of the teeth is so evident that it can cause the child some trauma or complex. It is important to emphasize that treatments initiated at an early age do not have to replace a later treatment at an adult age. The goals of treatment in these ages are aimed at correcting and improving the development of bones. Sometimes a further treatment is necessary to correct the position of the teeth.

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